What’s new in Mindleap 2.0?

The Mindleap Team is excited to announce that we launched Version 2.0 of our platform this week. In the last several months, we have looked at the strengths, progress, and limitations of our platform since launch, and developed new features to address user and practitioner needs. Our revised platform infrastructure provides the tools for people to enhance their inner wellness, and the community space for psychedelic integration to reach widespread adoption.

Since we launched the first version of Mindleap in September 2020, the psychedelic space has continued to grow, and an increasing number of people are starting to seek out psychedelic support as a part of their inner wellness journeys. Like many, we’re excited about the prospect of psychedelic medicines being brought into the mental health fold, but we’re also aware of the challenges around responsible adoption.

Our mission at Mindleap is to provide support for our users’ ongoing inner wellness journeys, wherever they are at, and to foster the safe, legal, and trustworthy adoption of psychedelic medicines into mental health and inner wellness through education, media, and community-building. 

We achieve our mission first by supporting you, the user, on your inner wellness journey. Whether you’ve received support before or you’re unsure where to even begin, Mindleap is designed to help you meet your needs. 

Through these new features and platform components, we’ve set out to facilitate your personal growth, which may or may not include integration support before or after a psychedelic experience. That means we don’t require or encourage anyone using Mindleap to work with psychedelic medicines or treatments. Rather, our goal is to provide education and support around psychedelic treatments, so that if you are curious about them, we can serve as a trustworthy and professional platform for you to access the right people and resources you need.

Let’s dive deeper into some of the new features we’ve added within this version of Mindleap.

Inner Wellness Media Library

Our new Inner Wellness Media Library combines a variety of audio content for healing, self-care, and exploration. From guided meditations and sound journeys to educational content and interviews, the library hosts a variety of accessible material around inner wellness and integration such as news in these spaces, clinical research, experience, and wisdom. 

Much of our media content is developed in partnership with world-class researchers and practitioners who have demonstrated experience in research as well as applied and clinical settings. We offer a wide set of audio content to guide you through understanding mental health, including things like journaling, meditating, and falling asleep. You can pursue much of this content for free, and upgrade to unlock new features. 

Digital Audio Programs

One of the hallmarks of the Inner Wellness Media Library is our set of digital audio programs. These multi-day audio courses guide you through understanding and improving specific parts of your inner wellness journey. Some of our first programs include 10-Step Addiction Advantage, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and The Science Of Happiness


Hear from experts on mental health, inner wellness, and psychedelics in our Conversations. Our Conversation segments are brief, easy-to-understand interviews with professionals who talk about their work in inner wellness and how users can make the most of their personal development. In each episode, we ask our guests thoughtful questions about unique aspects of inner wellness, mental health, and psychedelic medicines and treatments. Many of the guests we’re launching with are deeply experienced in human services work, psychedelic integration, and/or research. If you’re looking to learn more about inner wellness and psychedelics, our Conversations are the media for you.


Embedded in our mission to increase access to inner wellness and integration support is an emphasis on community. Mindleap 2.0 includes enhanced features to help users connect with a community of like-minded professionals who can support you on your inner wellness journey. Our specialists now have the ability to share photos and videos, which appear on their profile and within the Community feed. Users now get a chance to understand who specialists are and how they can support them. You’ll also be able to see an introductory video of each specialist on their profile, to help you understand their philosophy and get a feel for who they are. And of course, you’ll still be able to book free introductory sessions with many of our specialists, to help you get to know them and decide whether you’re a good fit for each other.

A New User Interface

Mindleap 2.0 also features a beautiful new UI that makes navigating inner wellness support easier than ever. With refined, high-quality video, easy-to-use booking and payment, and a personalized, secure health journal, Mindleap makes it easy to improve your inner wellness and get help when you need it. 

We encourage you to download and explore this new version, and see the potential Mindleap 2.0 has to assist you with your inner wellness journey, whatever that may look like. 

With gratitude,

The Mindleap Team


If you have comments or feedback on how we can improve, are interested in collaborating, or have questions about what we’re doing, please feel free to get in touch with us via email.


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